Bifold Door Maintenance & Repairs

Bifold Doctor is a professional bifold door repair and maintenance service covering London and the South East of England.

Reliable, Professional & Fast

Specialising in adjusting most makes of bifold doors, we can be trusted to deliver a friendly, reliable and efficient service designed to resolve common issues such as dropped doors which make the door difficult to open.

Adjustment to all types of bifold doors

Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, we have the skills, knowledge and resources to adjust and maintain most types of bifold doors in aluminium, hardwood and upvc.

Faulty Installation?

Our most common request is to correct a faulty installation carried out by a builder during the build of a new property or extension.  The doors may have worked fine for a few months but have now started to prove difficult to open or close and this is often caused by the lack of adequate care in packing the glass correctly to ensure the weight of the glass sealed units is transferred to the hinge side.  If this is not done correctly it will simply drag the unsupported side of the door down until it pulls out the weather seals or damages the door threshold.

The consequence of a dropped door will also make locking the door difficult resulting in the necessity of forcing the handle which ultimately will break off and/or damage the lock itself.

In most cases all that is needed is to reglaze your door correctly and possibly make a few other minor adjustments to bring your door back to working as it was designed to do.